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700r4 to 289 conversion

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  • PackardV8
    On the one hand SteelTech made adapters when no one else was. For this we owe some thanks On the other hand, they were blacksmith crude and dimensional tolerance control was non-existant. Those Meyers sells today are usually much better. Check, double-check on any modification.

    thnx, jack vines


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  • Bob Halgren
    started a topic 700r4 to 289 conversion

    700r4 to 289 conversion

    I've done two 700r-4 conversions and both have suffered from similar vibration problems. I was in the grease pit after installing the engine in our wagon and noticed that the torque converter was wobbling. I checked it with a dial indicator and found around .080" runout on the flywheel. It turned out the centering hole in the flywheel to crank adaptor was about 1/8 " too big! I bought this adaptor settup from a vendor in Omaha (Int Meet). It was a steel version of the one Meyers sells. A machinist friend made an adaptor ring to go on the torque convertor and problem was solved. The problem with the 53 pickup was more involved, but similar. I had not cut off the flywheel bolts flush with the nuts, and they were keeping the torque converter out uf the centering hole and the flywheel. After cutting the bolts off, still no luck. It turned out that the torque converter was a few thousands bigger than the hole in the adaptor. This kit was a Steeltech. Soooo, if you are doing one of these, be sure to make sure your bolts are cut off and precheck the fit of the crankshaft adaptor on the torque converter. Happy Studebakering, Bob