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  • wiring diagram

    Some wires are off the junction block that sits on the shroud in front of the rad in my 52 Champion. Can someone provide me with the proper wiring diagram for this. Thank you.

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    Chuck's site --
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      Think about it, Joe. If the car has turn signals, there are five wires coming from the dashboard. If not only three.

      Remove all nuts and put one wire from the dashboard on each screw

      Each headlight needs two, (from each fender) parking lights need one (each fender) and each turns signal needs one.

      Turn the lights on parking, see what wire lights them up. Put them both on the same screw and secure the nut.

      Turn the lights off, turn on the key and one turn signal, check it out, ditto the other one. That leaves two terminals for the high and low headlights.

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