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Has anyone reulposter their front seat?

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  • Has anyone reulposter their front seat?

    Has anyone reupholster their front seat at a local trade school, and how much money ,and materials did it cost? How long did it take?

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    I just finished my brothers 63 Avanti with a complete restoration, doing almost all the work myself including interior. I made new door and rear side panels, and replaced all the back dash vinyl along with sewing the seats- both front and rear. This was the first time I have done this and it turned out very nice. I borrowed an industrial sewing machine, and thank my mother for forcing me to learn how to sew when I was a kid. I bought all the materials from a local upholsterer or on line, and very carefully took all the parts apart, marking the insides and taking lots of pictures. I used the old pieces as patterns, transferring the markings and very carefully sewed the new pieces together. I'm sure a pro upholsterer would pick them apart, but you and I will have a hard time telling them from a pro job. Total cost I don't have an exact figure, but it was around $600 including the carpeting kit and material for recarpeting the trunk. It took a lot of hours, but I beleive it was the most satisfying part of the car I did. Hope this helps - B.V.


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      I spent days trying to find exact material, and eventually found close material. Then I spent hours taking apart the old ones for measurements, then cutting and sewing. Vinyl is tough to sew, especially with the welt and two more layers. After doing 2 myself, and getting satisfactory results, but not perfect, I would talk to John Poulos. (

      His interiors look very nice and are reasonably priced. I'm not sure if you will save much money doing it yourself. I did mine before he got into business.

      Fabrics and vinyls can vary greatly in price, depending on where you buy it and the quantities. You have to look around.