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55 headlight switch with rheostat

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  • 55 headlight switch with rheostat

    Can some one tell me what two wires hook up to the two posts on the rheostat? I assume one would be one of the instrument lights wires? the other?
    The 55 supplement doesn't really show the later 55 diagram, just the accessories ---
    This is different than early 55 and the next model year 56 according to the wiring diagrams I have.
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    Well, since it is safe to assume one wire would be that that feeds the inst. lites, the other wire could be just a jumper from the taillight circuit. It's the one lite circuit that's on whether in parking lite or headlite mode.

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      I''m guessing here, the switch supplier put terminals there without knowing where the wires were going. Studebaker didn't have anything to do with them so left some empty.

      I'd be happy if my rheostat did what it is supposed to. As I turn it, in certain positions, the lights flicker, never do they dim or brighten. I bought a later model replacement (used, of course) it does the same.

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        Does the radio light have a seperate line? A rheostat conection would be needed for that.


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          The head light switch has one pack of wires connecting to it.


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            Mr. Biggs,
            That's the answer I needed -- the supplement shows a tail light circuit wire coming out of there. But not being able to see a complete wiring diagram with this switch instead of the earlier one, I was not sure where it went.
            64 Champ long bed V8
            55/53 Studebaker President S/R
            53 Hudson Super Wasp Coupe