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saginaw steering

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  • saginaw steering

    I have a Ross box in my 60 Lark.
    I have a later Lark Saginaw box which I would like to use to reduce the steering effort.
    Should I take the Saginaw box apart to clean it up and put new seals in, or flush it, refill it and otherwise leave it alone? It has no discernable slop or hard spots when turning.
    This is a six/stick car. Is it possible to R&R easily? it looks like if I take the drag link off, the wheel off, the linkage and wiring off, then drop it down from the instrument panel, that it might come out of the column and up through the engine compartment
    Any advice?

    JohnP, driving & reviving
    an early Lark
    JohnP, driving & reviving
    60 Lark & 58 Scotsman 4dr

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    Id fill it with kerosene, let sit in installed position for a couple days, if no leaks drain and install. If it does leak you need new seals. Not a difficult swap BUT you may need the pitman arm and reach rod from a Saginaw-equipped car to make it work. I usually pull the column through into the pass compartment but if you have the car up in the air might be possible to do your way. never tried it

    good luck


    55 Commander Starlight
    55 Commander Starlight