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Restoring a 1963 R2 Avanti

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  • I'd like to add something steps. Think of what you have to do like having a big meal of things you really like. If you go at it fast & furious, your gonna be stuffed before the desert comes. So it is with your first car project. Dont do anything that stops it from running after one part is done. I have a friend with a Sunbeam Tiger that frustrates me to no end due to his going from one thing to another while starting yet another project. So far it hasnt run since 1998. His wife has been patient but thats about to expire too since she would like nothing more than to go out for breakfast one saturday morning in it. Like Ernie said on the seat, put it back in & forget the rust. When the time comes, then tackle that portion, but take things one at a time or it may become a burden on you & ruin your enthusiasm & all you'll have is a car taken apart, not running & you'll be forgetting where this goes, ect.

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    • I agree with the other comments. An R2 Avanti is a fast car; will it keep up with a tuned Supra turbo, no. But it's plenty fast enough that you can easily lose your license in it. I understand the desire to have something special and fast, but a running stock R2 beats a perpetual project hands down any day. I'd forget about the supercharger completely for the time being; get the car running and driving reliably without it, then reintroduce the stock supercharger to the equation. THEN worry about custom trick stuff.


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      • My R2 is sure a lot more fun when it's waiting for a drive rather than waiting on an upgrade to be completed. Just knowing I can take it out any time I want makes it more valuable than the pile of parts it would be if I made all the changes at once. Plus, you can actually see and feel each bit of work you do as making it better, instead of just checking stuff off a long to do list with no reward 'til the end.


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        • Ahh, the fun of a summer vacation, daydreaming the day away - with visions of twin Paxtons. I'm hoping to hear that your uncle's Avanti once again starts and runs. In the meantime here is Bill Cosby's take on a twin supercharged 427 Cobra that Caroll Shelby built for him (it comes a little towards the end) Later More:

          Okay, back to work - let's get your Avanti running, and let you enjoy Twin Traction.


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          • if the problem with my Avanti is fuel related, how do I check?


            • A car will start just by pouring a little fuel in the carb. Fuel is only a starting issue if it's n ot there or there's too much which would be very obvious because it would be pouring out of the top of the car. Get your ignition stuff installed, correctly, pour an ounce of fuel in the carb and crank. If the car will start that way but not stay running you have a fuel issue. It takes a few good cranks to fill up the carb so it may not run right away but it should start every time with a little fuel dribbled in the carb and a working ignition system.



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                • I go the avanti started...thank you everybody...