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Restoring a 1963 R2 Avanti

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    Sorry,replied to first pagebefore I saw the second page. Steve


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      that was interesting.....I want to try that. What do I have to do to hand turn it?


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        Its not going to be easy to teach you everything in one topic thread. Once you set your priorities you will be better off to post separate and specific topics. Otherwise you will set off in many different directions without making progress. Your uncle is well intentioned, but you seriously need to get the factory service manual.

        Its nice to dream ahead to the things you may add to your Avanti, but for now starting and stopping should top your list. If this Avanti still has a points style ignition a good old fashioned tune up is in order. You need fuel and spark in the right timing before it will run.

        Ask your uncle to talk more as he works with you on the car. He may not know what a professional mechanic knows, but he should still have have a lot of useful information.


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          I do have all the original manuals, and I agree with you about posting separate threads.


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            6.70 X 15's Bias Ply: OK for shows, but not for daily street use, go with 205/70's or 215/70's Pirelli 400's are good and I've used 215/65 Yokohama's(very good handling).


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              On your interior mold problem, be careful with bleach, Home Depot has a Canadian product called Concrobium(sp?) that does a great job of neutralizing mold, don't ask how I know, just know that I recommend it and it works.


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                I am going to get these tires..what do you think?


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                  If you are still having trouble starting your car make sure you have
                  a good connection from the (+) positive terminal on the coil to a
                  good hot (+) terminal on either the battery or solenoid. This is
                  ONLY for cranking until the engine starts. If the engine starts
                  disconnect this jumper wire. If the engine dies you need to check
                  the wiring between the ignition switch and coil.. See things to do
                  under the dash when the seats are still out. Remember, all wires
                  and connections are subject to corrosion and OLD AGE. Also, pay
                  attention to the people warning you about mold. Good luck, keep
                  scrubbing, and allow plenty of time to dry everything out.


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                    quote:Originally posted by rickburgen

                    I am going to get these tires..what do you think?
                    They should be ok. Yokohama makes a good tire.

                    Have a good look at your wheels to make sure they are in excellent shape.

                    The original wheels on your Studebaker were designed for bias ply tires and some question their ability to handle the flexing of radial tires. That being said, I know of someone who put radials on truck wheels made in the late 1940s with no problems so far.

                    Good luck.

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                      As I was checking my email this morning I came across this...


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                        Would an ordinary multimeter be able to check spark plugs?


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                          You could check the resistance in your spark plug wires with an ohmeter.
                          I suppose you could check your spark plugs too, but that number would be pretty useless.
                          Spark plug failure has more to do with contamination of the tip than an internal resistance problem.
                          Besides, spark plugs are cheap.
                          Wires are a bit tougher an issue because they are in a radio frequency suppression loom.
                          But if the engine has age on it, then the plug wires should be changed as a good maintenance procedure.
                          You can test the secondary ignition system easy enough with a second spark plug clamped to the block, or with one of those inline spark checkers.
                          Way easier than reading a gauge.
                          Try not to make it any harder than it has to be.
                          It's a Studebaker.
                          They are not extremely sophisticated machines..
                          (no matter what the Avanti guys sayHTIH)

                          quote:Originally posted by rickburgen

                          Would an ordinary multimeter be able to check spark plugs?
                          HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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                            what should be the resistance for the spark plug wires?


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                              quote:Originally posted by rickburgen

                              what should be the resistance for the spark plug wires?
                              Don't worry about the plug wires yet, get spark out of the wire to the coil first. You can replace the wires as part of a later tune up, but they are unlikely to keep it from running.

                              JDP Maryland


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                                So what should I check?