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    I'm restoring a 1956 Sky Hawk (body off). I've found the 56 chassis has been badly damaged, rewelded and generally cobbled up. I have a very nice 1963 GT Hawk chassis that I'd like to us instead. Does anyone know of any difficulties in putting the 56 body on the 63 chassis? (I know I'll probably have to go with a one piece driveshaft and long tailshaft trans. but thats okay since I've got these extra parts).

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    The basic frame is the same & the G.T. frame may be thicker (stronger) than what was found on the 56. The only differences you may have would be some of the "outriggers" or brackets where the body mounts, but they can be easily cut off & welded. Being you have the new frame already, that makes it easy to get it all prepared such as replacing the brake & fuel lines (fuel lines especially since we are facing more & more ethenol being mixed in with the gas we buy, so stainless steel lines are a big plus). Also, now would be a good time if you think you may want to add the traction bars on the rear as came on the Avanti & "package" Larks & Hawks, change the bushings for the rear springs, ect.

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      Good advice, Warren. To that, I'd also add the stiffer front bar, rear anti-roll bar and the R3 front upper bushings. Also, inspect where the front crossmember attaches to the frame, the points where the front upper inner A-arms attach. I reinforce these and fully weld all the seams.

      thnx, jack vines



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        WHAT is the wheel base of a 63 hawk? 109 maybe?


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          Expect 120. Its the old (ca 1953) land Cruiser frame. But stiffer.

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            Use the rear springs of the 63!
            The spring pockets are different and the front bushings are larger.


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              Thanks everybody for your responses. All good advice. Based on the advice, I'm going to try to make the change. Will let you know how it turns out. Jack