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Steering Column tube removal

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  • Steering Column tube removal

    I plan to refinish the steering wheel, and column tube. After the wheel is removed how can you remove the tube for re-painting? Does it require the entire steering column to be removed? I am also going to intall a factory turn-signal kit. Do the wires feed down the tube and exit the tube just below the dash?

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    Does your car have manual or power steering?

    Assuming its manual.... The steering shaft is not removeable from the gear box. I think there should be enough room to slide everything off the shaft and into the car before it hits the roof. If you don't need to dismantle the column, I "think" you can simply disconnet the shift linkage down by the steering box and loosen the pinch bolt there. Then, take the 2 bolts out of the clamp/bracket that holds the column to the bottom of the dash. You may have troubles with the rubber boot on the firewall getting in the way. You can then slide everything as a unit off the shaft and into the car and pull it out. You probably need to loosen the 3 bolts that hold the steering box to the frame so it will tilt down and give you more room the get that boot past the bottom of the dash. If the car has PS, the steering shaft unbolts from the box. The outer tube has to slide up first to get at the nuts, etc. Not sure if things are any easier. I think in that car it may be better to completely dismantle the column. I've not looked at my shop manual in a long time so I am not sure what it says in there about all this.

    Jeff in ND

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    Jeff in ND


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      The horn wire goes all the way thru the steering box. The T/S wires do exit somewhere under the dash. Should be a slot cut into the tube at the factory or directions in the kit.

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        Thanks Jeff H for a descriptive reply. I will print it, grab some tools and check into it. I may be persuaded to no do it and paint it in the car. Acutally a body shop guy is doing the painting so maybe he can do it with me taking it out. it does seem like a lot of work for a possibly better paint job for something that is not too visable.
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