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  • Erosion

    I hope that there is a good answer for this. I have been having problems with the A/C compressor on my 62. To get the compressor out, you have to pull the mounting bracket. I know the shop manual says otherwise, but it ain't happening in this lifetime. That bracket is not that great a design. Just so everyone knows, the Studebaker compressor uses a slightly different face plate gasket than most Yorks. I took 4 trips to the A/C guys shop to get it right, and get it charged.
    I noticed, as a kept putting the compressor in, and taking it out, that the bolts that hold the bracket in place were very eroded. I got new bolts, chased out the holes, and replaced the gaskets from the water manifold to the engine. Obviously, water had been seeping past the old gaskets, and had eaten out the bolts, eaten the gasket faces, and their holes. I resurfaced the water manifold, and the front of the engine. The bottom bolt that threads into the block is gone. It rethreaded, but when I put it together for the final time(ha!), it just spins. The one above it is ok. What can I do? Access to this hole is bad. Should I just count on pulling the engine and redrilling this hole? I can't even send a decent picture of this, because you can't get a good angle on the camera.

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    Go to the auto parts store and buy a Helicoil kit, it will restore the threads. You need enough access for a drill though and most likely will have to pull the manifold.
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      This is where a 90 degree drill motor comes in handy.

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        quote:Originally posted by ST2DE5

        This is where a 90 degree drill motor comes in handy.

        7G-Q1 49 2R12 10G-F5 56B-D4 56B-F2
        Never pass up the opportunity to buy a new tool.

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          AMEN !!! Will have to pull the manifold, A/C compressor and base, and probably the fan shroud.


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            if you don't have a right angle drill you will have to pull the radiator too. BTDT except in my case it was a PO using cheap non-Grade-5 bolts to hold the water manifold on.


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              It is just on the side that has the @$$##@!# A/C bracket on it. The other side is OK. Seems that the A/C bracket has things in a bind. Plus the use of junk bolts, no washers, etc, etc, etc. The PO did not even know that there is a bolt that is a window stop on the large roll up windows. He used a large chunk of wood, with a bunch of drywall screws thru the bottom of the door to hold it in place. The window stop worked fine, all it needed was adjusting. But, I am saving that for another thread!!!!


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                I am not familiar with that particular bolt hole but check to see if you can get a longer bolt into threads at the back of the hole. It may be a hole that goes through into the water jacket which won't work but if you can get even a couple more threads and carefully snug it up with it coated in loctite it could hold fine. Measure the hole depth with a piece of wre to find out, then use a bottoming tap to clean up the threads if you have more depth.



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                    Perhaps change them now to stainless steel bolts to prevent any further corrosion, plus they look good too!

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                      That's corrosion...not erosion.