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Golden Hawk carb re-build

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  • Golden Hawk carb re-build

    Car has sat for 1 year and when I fired it up yesterday it would not idle. I had the carb and base assy together during my other work and no adjustments were touched. It did run rough before I broke it down last year. At around 1500-1800 rpm it just ran rough. I have replaced plugs, point, rotor, cap and set gap, timing & dwell, so I was thinking maybe carb. I have a Echlin kit for the carb, any tricks I should be aware of?

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    I rebuilt one last month (57) and the 57-58 Golden Hawk Carb's are fairly simple 2bbl.
    There were several variations of enclosures, but make sure any jumper gas fuel line connections leading to the carb don't leak, or seep fuel before you put the cover back on.
    Also check the sealing both under the carb and under the enclosure base.


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