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    is there a 245 cid 6-cylinger? i know about the 170 and 185.

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    Yes and the best Studebaker ever built.

    7G-Q1 49 2R12 10G-F5 56B-D4 56B-F2


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      With a 4 3/4 stroke it had all the torque you could want, but was a little short on high revs.

      Tom Bredehoft
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        The earlier version of that 245 was 226cid.

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          The earlier version of that 226 was 189cid.

          Designed in 1931 by Ralph Vail and Roy Cole for Willys-Overland as part of a completely new small car. W/O was not in a financial position to produce the Vail/Cole vehicle and released all claims and the two prototypes to the designers.
          Vail was driving one of them home. Passing through South Bend, he decided to knock on the door of A.R.Erskine, President of Studebaker.

          In 1932 and 1933 The car was produced by Rockne Motor Corporation, Detroit, a subsidiary of the Studebaker Corporation.
          Studebaker track tested it at 83 MPH until the fuel ran out!

          The engine, in various displacements, was produced by Studebaker through 1961.

          And now you know...the rest of the story.
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          '56 Sky Hawk