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WTD: Stude woodgrain photos

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  • WTD: Stude woodgrain photos


    I have a post on the Studebaker newsgroup about my DIY woodgrain paper.

    I have offered to mail one member of the group some samples I made so that he can post his honest opinion of it.

    What I would like to do is duplicate the original Studebaker woodgrain as closely as possible using my methods and then scan it to a CD. I could e-mail the file to anyone who could put it on a CD and take it to a color copier to make a print. Color copiers have permanent inks and you can put your choice of varnish finish over them.

    There are some size restrictions. Color copiers do up to 11" x 17". Larger pieces have to be done with two prints that are bookmatched.

    If you can e-mail me some pictures of original woodgrain I would appreciate it.

    Stewart Schooley


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    Need to know which woodgrain you want ? 62 Lark, 63 Hawk, 64 Hawk. I think there were two shades in 63 Hawks too.

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      I haven't been here long enough to know if most of you here also read the newsgroup. I had the same question asked there.

      Here is a link to my answer and I included pictures of my woodgrain art work.




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        The radio repair work looks nice. Thing is, save for a GT Hawk dash insert or maybe the the facia trim on '66 dashes, I can't see how anything I could print out would work on compound curved surfaces such as are found in most other Studebaker applications.

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