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Body filler: Fibral

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  • Body filler: Fibral

    Anyone besides me ever use this? Made in UK and contains glass fibers in the goo. Comes in a bag with a screw top and a tiny bag taped to it with the hardner. Instructions printed on the back are in three languages - none are English! Unless UK can also mean Ukraine, I'm at a loss to know. On the front there were small pictograms indicating the ratio is 3:100. Okay then. Definately could see the fibers and I might have used a tad more hardner than I should as I began to get slow to work with toward the end of the five minutes I was working with it.

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    Wait, I didn't get slow...IT did.


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      Some info on line, http://yhst-13811118617756.stores.ya...aglfirepa.html ,don't know if this helps.

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        Commonly known as "Tiger Hair" it's a plastic filler with fiberglass strands in it, "more" resistant to cracking out, but, still NOT recommended to be put on real thick. Get your shape "close" and then use plastic filler, then a glaze over the filler to fill in the pin holes.

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