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Carb and air cleaner for C/K FYI.

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  • Carb and air cleaner for C/K FYI.

    Thought I'd pass this along for you C/K owners that have non-factory induction and are looking for an air cleaner. I have a '56 289 4 Bbl. in my '55 Commander C Body. Last summer I put an Edelbrock Performer on it using a 1/2" thick carb adapter, with a cheasy little 9 X 2 Spectre air cleaner. With some of the upgrades I'm making I decided it was time to get a better air cleaner. After some trial and error with old air cleaners I had laying around I determined that a Summit SUM-239422 14 X 2 offset air cleaner should clear the oil filter housing, the distributor and the hood. These are made with a 1-1/2" offset for GM cars with HEI, turn it 180 degrees and it's great for Studebaker cars with the top mounted canister style oil filter. When it arrived I replaced the chrome top with an old 396 Chevelle air cleaner top I had rescued from a scrap pile 30 years ago and painted black wrinkle, I like a little chrome but the 14" lid was too much on an otherwise stock engine. I set it on the carb, it cleared but the plug wires were touching the bottom. After some more trials I determined I can add a 1" carb spacer to get the base off the plug wires and still shut the hood without contact. At 5,000 RPM the cfm requirement of my 289 is about 430, the carb flows 500 cfm and the 14 X 2 element about 530 so I still have adequate air flow. Plus the 1-1/2" rise from the adapter and spacer should help performance just a tad. Probably not nearly as much as the temp drop at the carb though.

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    Studebaker International sell R1 air cleaners to fit the Edelbrocks.
    These sit low so it may fit the 1955's
    Robert Kapteyn