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Custom Avanti seat rails?

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  • Custom Avanti seat rails?

    Any way i can get the seat in my Avanti to go further back?

    How could I augment the rails to allow more front/rear room?

    I am 6'2" and just do not have the ability to relax my legs...which are always cramped!

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    Scott Stasny from DeLuxe Autowerks (630 293 7750) just reengineered the front drivers seat of a 1964
    Avanti to move it back 3 inches more than stock for a big customer.
    It can be done!


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      There is an other thread (older) that addresses the same problem for a 1950


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        IIRC, I lengthened my seat tracks in my Avanti, by adding a 2" flat strap between the seat and the track, nothing fancy, but made a world of difference while driving.

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          The seat bolts directly to the adjuster rails 4 bolts real easy to separate, unless the bolts are rusted and snap off. There are cage nuts spot welded to the frame that can break off if the bolt doesn't.

          I'm just suggesting that if you dig in and the bolts don't come out freely be careful. The only way to get to the cage nuts is to remove the upholstery.


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