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OT ?? Busted off bolts in Al heads...

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  • 54stude
    Mig weld a washer to the top of the bolt, then a mig weld a larger nut to the top of that washer by filling up the inside of the nut with weld. (have a wrench or vice grip ready).

    Wait until the color leaves the nut and washer, and gently turn it out.

    This actually works very well! It even works on fasteners broken off below the surface if you are careful.

    54 Champion coupe
    48 Champion Convert

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  • jjones
    With those head bolts, use a brass hammer or a brass rod and a BFH and give each head bold a good hard smack or two before trying to loosen them. Its rather crude but works sometimes.

    Good luck!

    Jeff Jones
    Tucson Arizona
    1947 M-5

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  • Jeff_H
    Well, it seems to get worse....

    I worked on one of them and managed to twist it off too short to grab. I feared this would happen I did try heating the head around the bolt a couple of times to no avail.

    So, start pulling heads. Busted 1 socket (3/8 drive) and another feels like it will round off the head bolt so tomorrow I am off to sears for a 6 pt 1/2" drive 15mm socket. Breaker bar was not feeling good either. The 2 middle head bolts seem extra troublesome for some reason. Hope I don't bust off the headbolts !!!!!!! I've had one of these engines apart before about 10ys ago and never had this much grief [V] Maybe the troublesome bolts are the ones that require pipe goop on the threads (need to check shop manual).

    Jeff in ND

    '53 Champion Hardtop

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    Here's a couple of thoughts..
    Getting the busted stud remnants red hot is BAD.
    That will make them harder to get out.
    (The hot bolt will get 'tighter' in the hole because the aluminum sucks out more heat than the steel bolt will...)
    Heat up everything around the bolt, but not the bolt.
    Then cool the busted bolt itself, without cooling the aluminum head.
    ViceGrips are fine.....
    (If you have enough sticking out to grab, you are lucky)..
    Try clamping the ViceGrips on and heating the head..
    Then take an old candle from the dinner table, and hold it on the busted stud..
    The heat from the stud will draw the wax (and the heat) from the busted bolt.
    Then try turning it out...
    If that doesn't work, then drill out the busted bolt and re-tap the hole.

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  • Warren Webb
    I just read of a product I think made by Locktite that freezes the bolt & also has a penetrating lube in it that after a couple mins. frees up the bolt without damage. I believe it was in the June issue of Powerblock magazine that is available online. I tried to access it again but its stuck on page 40 & isnt downloading right now.

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  • Tom Bredehoft
    Bummer, Jeff. One suggestion, try using a hammer and drive the rusted off screws into the heads. Not far, just enough to shock them loose from their frozen position. It certainly can't hurt, and may turn the trick.

    Tom Bredehoft
    '53 Commander Coupe (since 1959)
    '55 President (6H Y6) State Sedan
    (Under Construction 617 hrs.)
    '05 Legacy Ltd Wagon
    All Indiana built cars

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  • Jeff_H
    started a topic OT ?? Busted off bolts in Al heads...

    OT ?? Busted off bolts in Al heads...

    This might be OT since its not a stude engine but it IS in my stude....

    As some know, I have a ford v6 in my '53. So, I went to take off the intake manifold yesterday to replace the gaskets since the valley section is leaking in the back and making for a dirty engine bay. This engine has Aluminum heads and aluminum intake. Well, I snapped off 2 of the bolts and the stumps are stuck in the heads. Just got back from the junkyard getting replacement bolts.... Well, I sprayed the bolt stumps with Kroil last night and this morning and tried some heating with a propane torch (got the stumps red). Some carefull twisting with a vice-grips on the bolts does not look like its going to break these loose. I fear the steel bolts are galled/corroded into the aluminum. Any other suggestions before I pull the heads and take them into a machine shop ?

    This was supposed to be a afternoon project and now its turned into a major deal. [}][xx(] I should have left it alone till after Cedar Rapids or started on it sooner!! Good thing I didn't wait until the week before the meet though as I still have time to get it fixed.


    Jeff in ND

    '53 Champion Hardtop