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Air Conditioner Compressor for 1965 V-8

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  • Air Conditioner Compressor for 1965 V-8

    A/C Compressor is done for. Does anyone know of a replacement compressor? Thanks

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    I say it depends on the type, is it a sanden or york compressor?
    The yorks look almot like a small version of a lawn mower engine. They can easily be rebuilt and parts are available for them. In stead of "valves" like an engine they have reeds. The piston is a standard type like you find in a car. I had mine a part and rebuilt it. The parts are way cheap and you can get the parts are any local autoparts store or Semi-truck supply house. The york is what all big rigs use as "air brake" compressors. That is all they are.
    If it's the sanden type I'm not sure,
    But Bob's got whole articles on it.
    Scroll WAY down, it's near the bottom of his page on the left side. Down nere the frame repair stuff.


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      Thanks! It is a York.


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        Take the compressor with you to the parts house. The seals are all alike, but the gaskets vary. The seal blew out on my York, and it was tough finding the right gasket, but everything works like a champ now.


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          I have new and used York compressors in stock
          Robert Kapteyn