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All work and no play....

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  • All work and no play....

    Finally got to run a couple days and start sorting out the bugs. After having to miss the Stude Drags and Muncie's Nostalgia Drags, I said "That's enough storm cleanup, I'm going to the track." After chasing some ghosts, posted 4 runs better than last years best - with a broken mechanical advance and short-shifted at 4400 RPM, just when the boost was getting good.

    60ft - 2.241sec
    330ft - 6.104sec
    1/8 mile - 9.268s @ 79.22mph

    I did run the data logger and as soon as I get my cables sorted out I will post up the charts for the Air/Fuel, RPM, Throttle Position, Exhaust Temp, Manifold Air Pressure. Hopefully it's interesting. Lots of room for improvement, too.

    This is lots more fun when you're making progress!!


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    ____1966 Avanti II RQA 0088_______________1963 Avanti R2 63R3152____________