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Spare Engine came with my 55, can someone ID it?

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  • StudeRich
    Here is the post you really need to read, it answers all your questions. Basically you need to get the actual [u]Serial Number</u> from the left front top corner, it will be STAMPED into the casting not a part of the casting like all these Raised Casting Numbers you gave us, which do not change because they are part of the casting.

    There is also a possibility from those casting numbers, I suspect it is a 232 engine from a '51-'54, if so the serial Number COULD be on the top [u]Left Rear</u> of the block as '51-'52's like Bob Shaw's were.

    If the "16" was separate from the 527844 then it would be a early V-8, 232 casting.

    Also the 527772 IS a 232 Head, these have smaller Valves and Ports than 259/289 are low compression and for the smaller 232 bore.


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  • Spare Engine came with my 55, can someone ID it?

    16527844 on the block
    527772 on the head

    Once I get the "yuck" hosed off the engine in the bay I will See if I can get an ID on that one.

    Thanks very much in advance

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