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Headliner install HELP!!

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  • rockne10
    Tacking strip is also available from Restoration Specialties.

    Page 82 of their catalog, in laminated board like the original or plastic. I like the plastic. It's flexible and can be secured with small sheetmetal screws.

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  • Henry Votel
    Hi Sweetie...

    You should expect to trim the channels as you fit the headliner. I've had to trim the channels on every set I've received, (JP's too). The best articles that I have read and used regarding installing cloth headliners are these two:

    therein it links to the Auto Restorer Online article, (no longer at, but archived at the Imperial Club site:

    If your asphaltic material is deteriorated or gone you can build up a proper thickness using some strips of Dynamat and inserting them in place using the same tacking holes Studebaker placed. It won't take much Dynamat which is available from many sources.

    All in all, go at it in sequence and it will come together nicely. Don't worry about small wrinkles. You'll be surprised how easily they disappear with a water spritzing bottle and hair dryer.

    Henry Votel,
    Forest Lake, MN
    Moderator: Editors & Publishers Forum

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  • rockne10
    Better to have excess than not enough.
    Years ago I got a headliner from Acme for my '51.
    Last one I got from Phantom for my '53.
    Both required trimming.
    I trimmed nothing until the bows were screwed in place and headliners were appropriately stretched to a smooth fit.

    Brad Johnson
    Pine Grove Mills, Pa.
    '33 Rockne 10, '51 Commander Starlight, '53 Commander Starlight

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  • Dick Steinkamp
    You shouldn't have to trim a thing with a custom made headliner. I just put one in my '63 Lark. It was from JDP and fit like a trimming. On mine, all the bows looked like 1 and 2 on yours. I haven't done a C/K so I don't know if it should look the same as my Lark did.

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA

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  • jimmijim8
    If you have your old headliner, compare and trim to be the same. The center of the headliner is your means of reference.. Mark the headliner with a piece of masking tape with pen mark front and back and wherever you feel is necessary. Stretch a string for a straight line while headliner is laying on floor good side up. I would say the channels are a bit longer than necessary to provide for a proper fit. Just a bit of tweaking is probably in order. When I did my headliner 63 GT, I had to trim the channels but did them when the headliner was suspended. It will make sense to you once you get into it. You must glue to the center rear window flange and then pull the front middle part of the liner to the center of the windshield flange and glue the center followed by some type of spring clamp. {office supply store} Then work your way out from rear center to the left and right glueing and clamping. Then go to the front and do the same. Use enough clamps. Now you will be able to see how much to trim. Do one bow at a time starting with the front one. Make sure to keep the headliner centered from side to side while tucking it under. Won't hurt to read the shop manual. Install the headliner when the temperature is favorable to allow the headliner to stretch so it will properly fit. I probably left out a couple tips but others will chime in. Good luck and take your time to end up with good results. jimmijim

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  • sweetolbob
    started a topic Headliner install HELP!!

    Headliner install HELP!!

    My brother is coming to town tomorrow to help me install the headliner in my 54K.

    In preparation for this long awaited event I put the bows in the presewen channels and to my suprise found that #1 & 2 fit as I would anticipate with both ends of the bows slightly exposed. Bows 3,4 &5 each were progressively shorter than sewn channels.

    The picture shows the bows in the channels. The red clamps indicate where the bows end on the left hand side.

    My question: Is it possibly the incorrect headliner or can I shorten the channels to the appropriate length?

    Other data:

    -Purchased from SI and the receipt indicated the correct part #. I've tried to call but apparently the day after a holiday is a tough reach.

    -The distance between the bows seems to equate to the appropriate distances measured at the mounting points in 54K.

    Do I proceed or return said headliner. [?]

    As usual, thanks for the help.

    Thanks again