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need help identifying T10B-1 transmission

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  • need help identifying T10B-1 transmission

    Hello, I need help identifying a transmission I bought many years ago for possible parts. I did a search of this forum and don't think it is Studebaker, so I want to sell it. It is orange-painted iron case with T10B-1 on the case. Input shaft is 6.5" long from front of case and has 10 splines. Rear shaft has 25 splines. Top mount holes are 4.5" apart center to center, and bottom holes are 6.375" c-c. Suspect it is Ford or possibly AMC. Thanks

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    Most likely a pre-65.5 Ford, as AMC uses a long input shaft. FWIW, the Ford can be used in a Stude with some modifications and a custom pilot bearing. If you are going to advertise it for sale to FoMoCo fanatics, they'll want to know the O/A length and the first gear ratio. They'll usually pay more than CASOs.

    thnx, jack vines



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      Thanks, Jack. I count 24 teeth on the input shaft and the case is 24-1/8" long from front of the case to the back. The brass (synchronizers) look very good, and might even be new. I found one reference that said the 10 spline input shaft was used in 1962-1965 Fords. I am not sure the source is definitive. It looks to me like you nailed it perfectly.