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What did you use to close off a road draft tube?

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  • ChampTrucking

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  • Dick Steinkamp
    Chevy used that block with the hole behind the distributor well into the PVC cars. In fact, I believe the 65/66 Studes with the 283 for California buyers had a PVC system.

    The process was to vent that hole to the inside of the air cleaner. The PVC valve was in line from the oil fill tube at the front of the intake manifold to the base of the carb. A tight fitting (non vented) oil cap was used on the filler tube.

    You can sort of see that set up on the 327 in my '54...

    I guess you COULD close off that hole and use an intake without a filler tube and then use valve covers with both oil fill caps and vents. One of the vents would go to the base of the air cleaner and one to the PVC and base of the carb.

    That would look like the system on the Chevy in my '63...

    Dick Steinkamp
    Bellingham, WA

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  • What did you use to close off a road draft tube?

    Got a 65/66 283 from a Stude Daytona. I want to close off the hole in the block and use a PCV system.Will a freeze plug fit that hole? What did you use? Thanks!