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  • heater inquiry

    I remember reading in here some where that the hose that comes off the water pump should not go directly to the heater core,without a "control device?" between them. My Champion must have forgotten to acquire one when it left the factory. Since this is an appreciated option when passengers {girls,women,significant other} I am going to install a core from one of my old chevys that I havew laying around. Will it still be alright?,or what else can I do so I don't mess up the stock motor, re radiator and cooling of the motor???

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    If I remember correctly, on Champion "6"'s the heater Input hose comes off of the rear of the cylinder head, thats the "hotest" one. Studes are just like all cars, it goes to the water control valve, then to the input fitting of the core. The return hose goes from the core to the water pump to return the coolant to the radiator to be cooled. Of course Studebaker Climitizers also had "T" fittings in the 5/8" hoses to adapt it down to the small 3/8" hoses to go to the Defroster heater core. But if you use C***y parts things might be a bit different, not the engine hookup though. Hope this helps. Why not just buy a cheap old used Stude heater core and have it re-cored? At least it would fit, if the car has a factory heater. That way you get a "forced" by outside fresh air system! [^]

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