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Does Avanti have a neutral safety switch?

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  • JDP
    On the switch, it's not unusual for the neutral start contact to get dirty since it is seldom used. The contacts don't get as much wiping action as the park one does.


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  • studegary
    I have adjusted these in the car with the shifter in place - not easy.

    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

    SDC member since 1968
    Studebaker enthusiast much longer

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  • Rerun
    There is a neutral safety switch mounted on the shifter linkage. It has two operating positions, one for P and one for N. If it doesn't work in N, either the switch is bad, or the linkage is out of adjustment. Try this: Set the handbrake well. Depress the foot brake. Put the shifter in neutral. Hold the key in the Start position. While holding the button on the shifter down, move the shifter slowly to the R position, then to the D position. If the starter kicks in, your problem is adjustment. If not, the contact in the switch is bad.

    To service the switch, the linkage needs to be removed. Disconnect the two electrical connectors and the selector rod to the transmission (from under the car). Remove the shift linkage from the top. You will see two switches. One is the neutral safety switch, and the other is the back-up light switch. IIRC, the neutral safety is the lower of the two switches. The operation of the switches can be checked with an ohmmeter.

    Last I checked, the switches are available, but a bit pricey. I have had success with repairing them. Carefully pry the crimp open to disassemble the switch. Usually, its a matter of cleaning the contact points and adjusting the tension on the wiper. Re-crimp the switch and you're back in business.

    Jim Bradley
    Lewistown PA
    '78 Avanti II

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  • N8N

    the switch is under the shifter BTW. there's two of them, one for the NSS and one for the reverse lights.


    55 Commander Starlight

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  • edpjr
    started a topic Does Avanti have a neutral safety switch?

    Does Avanti have a neutral safety switch?

    My '63 won't crank in any position except "Park." Isn't it supposed to start in neutral too?