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!*&@#$@&!!! upper pivot mounting....

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  • !*&@#$@&!!! upper pivot mounting....

    Dang it man I am TIRED of dropping nuts in the frame!! I flipped my upper control arm shafts trying to get more camber out of the yellow bomb before I get new front skins. Every wrench I have is either a bit too short or the wrong angle on the box end to reach comfortably into the opening. Some of my best MyGyvering has come in handy,but I can't find my flaming magnet on a stick to fish out nuts I loose. One side gained me a little more camber,but the other side was out all the way already. Ah,I just HAD to share a little frustration with ya!!

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    Always glad to help a fellow SDC member with his angst.

    Might be a nice gesture to send each member that reads this post $50.00 US to defray counseling costs.


    Dr. Melfi


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      Might be a little late for you, but I have not had problems with those nuts, having fairly thin fingers. That said, if I DID, I would suggest taking a box wrench and putting masking tape over one side of it to hold the nuts until they are well started on the bolts.


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      55 Commander Starlight


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        I did exactly what Nate did. Worked great!


        Clark in San Diego
        '63 F2/Lark Standard

        Clark in San Diego | '63 Standard (F2) "Barney" |


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          I installed a re-enforcement plate inside the cross member and tacked locknuts to it.I fastened the plate using two motor mount bolts but not necessary. Makes it easier to work with as well as strengthen a crack prone area.


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            Pull off a finger of your favorite disposable gloves.(latex,Nitrile...)Slide over wrench end. Works GREEAATTT!!