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Need a king pin bushing

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  • Need a king pin bushing

    Hi, Guys,

    I'm working on the king pins on my '63 Avanti. All kinds of interesting discoveries, like whoever previously installed the bushings and needle bearing sets put them in opposite to their correct positions -- e.g., I found the needle bearings on top and bushings on the bottom. Getting them out was an adventure (I had never heard of an "arbor press," let alone own one), but I digress.

    I got the king pin rebuild kit from SI, but managed through stupidity to ruin one of the bushings. SI seems to only sell king pin sets, but I only need one part. Do any of the usual suspects sell the bushings separately? I don't fell like coughing up $80 for a new king pin set.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    quote:Originally posted by Edsel G. Tattooer

    Contact these guys Or find a local place that can measure the bushing of the good one you have Inside outside and thickness and compare it to what they have. I know the guys at Break equipment can get you the parts you need. Iknow they can help me with my 50 commander.

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      I have bought bushings at bearing supply stores. Hope you have something they can measure. jimmijim
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        Hi, Tom

        It sounds like you are still making progress on the Avanti. I would suggest that you take the other (unmolested) bushing to a local machine shop. A good shop would probably have something very close to what you need. Better yet, take all of the parts along and get them to press and ream the bushings.

        Jim Bradley
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        Jim Bradley
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          Send me a $20.00 bill and I will send you a 1550583 N.O.S. bushing by priority mail.
          Robert Kapteyn


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            thanks to all. Robert, where do I send that $20?


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              You don't need an arbor press. Clean both the knuckle and the king pin clean enough to eat off of, slide the bushing on the king pin, lubricate it and the cavity on the knuckle, and slide the two together, using the king pin as an arbor. Support the knuckle so that the king pin can pass through it, and bump in into position, us a soft hammer of some sort.

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