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Overdrive Solenoid Oil Seal

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  • Overdrive Solenoid Oil Seal

    I have been getting lots of inquiries recently concerning overdrive solenoids that are full of oil and why that happens... so I thought I would share a little insight into the problem. There is a small oil seal inside of the transmission housing where the overdrive solenoid shaft goes thru to connect to the engagement pawl. This oil seal (is number 30 in the illustrated picture page in my overdrive guide book) can be easily damaged if the solenoid is not removed carefully from the transmission. Once this oil seal is damaged oil can flow into the overdrive solenoid and the solenoid quits working.

    So be sure that oil seal is in good condtion anytime you remove and replace the solenoid. Make sure you pull the solenoid straight out carefully from the transmission (do not jerk or yank it out) remove it slowly and not at an angle which increases the chances that you could "hook" the seal with the end of the solenoid shaft thus damaging the oil seal If you need to replace the oil seal I have a few on hand. Thanks and I hope this helps solve part of the mystery.

    Merry Christmas

    Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts

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    Thanks, Randy! That's a good tip, and I'm glad you have some of those oil seals on hand.

    Can you give us your website address (maybe just put it in your original message)?


    1955 1/2 Ton Pickup
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    Paul Simpson

    1955 1/2 Ton Pickup
    The Red-Headed Amazon
    Deep in the heart of Texas


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      Randy's address is: 415 Court Street Clay Center KS. 67432 Phone (785) 632-3450 fax(785) 632-6154
      Company name: Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts
      Frank van Doorn
      Omaha, Ne.
      1962 GT Hawk 289 4 speed
      1941 Champion streetrod, R-2 Powered, GM 200-4R trans.
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        My web address is The oil seals are not on the web site yet but will be by the first of the year I hope. I have to do the picture description thing and get to to my web guy. But in the meantime if anybody needs one just call and I will fix you up....Thanks and Merry christmas...Randy


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          Dumb question - can the seal be replaced without opening the trans?

          If there's anything more important than my ego running around I want it caught and shot now.


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            Yes you can replace the oil seal withoug opening up the transmission, I use a dental pick to go in and hook the oil seal thru the center where the shaft normally goes thru and it should come out pretty easy. I drive the new one in carefully using a 7/16 deep well socket. You may loose a little trans oil but if you have everything ready the loss will be miminal. I then put a tiny dab of grease onto the center of the seal where the shaft goes thru. It makes sure the solenoid shaft slides in easy... and you should be in good shape for a while.....