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  • Engine ID

    G'day all, just a quick question about an engine number. The # is RH328. I had a look on the id list but there was no reference to this #. Can anyone id this number please.

    Regards Bob

    Regards Bob

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    As you are down under, we probably need more info. Is this a 6 or an 8? Do you know what it came out of or the approximate year?

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      If the number was PH328 it would make perfect sense. Check it again, would you please?

      [img] [/img]
      Dwain G.


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        Its a 289. I'm not sure what it came out of originally as it's not the original motor out of my 63Hawk.
        Yes it is definately an R and not a P
        Thanks for your responses

        Regards Bob

        Regards Bob