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1951 2R5-12 truck front leaf springs

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  • 1951 2R5-12 truck front leaf springs

    does anyone have the tech data on the front leaf springs for a 2R5-12 truck? I need the specs on them so I can have a new set made up, or does anyone know where I can purchase a set?

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    Contact Eaton Spring, they should have all the specs and can make the springs.



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      thank you ill give them a try


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        I have some used truck springs, and there is a set of 3R5 front springs in there somewhere -- if I can identify them. Note that the parts books says that there were two different designs for standard-duty 2R5 front springs, with the break point occuring at serial number R5-13771. The two styles will not interchange. (There were also HD springs, which are different again.) Since mine came off of a 3R5, they will be Type B, and would be correct for 2R5s built after that serial number.

        Where are you, as shipping would not be cheap. I'm in DC.
        Skip Lackie
        Skip Lackie