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Color on '53 Two Tones

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  • Color on '53 Two Tones

    53's featured a white over red paint combo. Can anyone describe the white for me? I.e. was it snow white, eggshell, etc?

    Tim Painter-Custom '53 Commander Starlight aka The Studebird in Yuma, AZ
    Tim-'53 Starlight Commander Custom in Yuma, AZ

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    The nearest to white Studebaker used in '53 was Ivory. It's a rich buttery yellow. With a red top, it looses some of it's color, looks paler.

    [Edit[ I forgot about the spring colors. tsk.

    Tom Bredehoft
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      Tim, There were three light colors over two different reds in '53. There was Monterey Beige (old Dulux number 93-57522) which is a very light beige used mostly on early production car over Coral Red(Dulux #93-57520-M). I have a '53 with the original factory Monterey Beige but I am not smart enough to post a picture. There is Ivory Mist (Dulux # 9357519) which was used with Coral Red, Maui Blue and Norturne Blue. I also have two other '53's, one is Maui Blue over Ivory Mist and the other is Ivory Mist over Maui Blue. Both have red vinyl interiors. NO not as bad as it sounds. Then there is the Spring colors of Salem White (Dulux #93-57714) which I would describe as "dirty" white over Bombay Red (Dulux # 93-57713-H). The cover car on the August 2004 Turning Wheels is this combination.


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        I couldn't find '53 but here's '54.

        Brad Johnson,
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