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ned info for floor shift in truck

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  • studeclunker
    PLEASE! When you make the change, DON'T THROW AWAY THE ORIGINAL SHIFTING BARS!! They are of great value to someone who needs them. They simply aren't available anymore.

    Lotsa Larks!
    K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Studebaker!
    Ron Smith
    Where the heck is Lewiston, CA?

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  • papasstudebaker
    you can use stop shifter 1946 to 1968 jeep 3 speed or a 61 to 70 scout

    Vern Ediger

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    I have research a little about putting a floor shifter on but have not done it yet. I am going to do the same conversion from the tree to the floor as soon as I can. It seems that a Hurst 3 speed floor shifter will work -- you have to use different links due to the location of the shift links on the transmission. It looks like the location of the shifter on the floor would be located directly over the shifter links on the transmission and may be very close. There are a couple of previous questions about this on the forum. I think I remember a few pictures being there also.
    I do remember that there is a Jeep shifter that can also be used but don't know the details or model of it.
    If I get a chance to do this change I will take pix and post them for you.

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  • Guido
    I think your conversion is going to depend on whether this is a Champion (170 CID) or larger Commander (245 CID) motor. The transmissions are different for each, but I think you could find a top loading Willys Jeep transmission that will work behind the small 6.

    Guido Salvage - "Where rust is beautiful"

    Studebaker horse drawn buggy; 1946 M-16 fire truck; 1948 M-16 grain truck; 1949 2R16A grain truck; 1949 2R17A fire truck; 1950 2R5 pickup; 1952 2R17A grain truck; 1952 Packard 200 4 door; 1955 E-38 grain truck; 1957 3E-40 flatbed; 1961 6E-28 grain truck; 1962 7E-13D 4x4 rack truck; 1962 7E-7 Champ pickup; 1962 GT Hawk 4 speed; 1963 8E-28 flatbed; 1964 Avanti R2 4 speed; 1964 Cruiser and various other "treasures".

    Hiding and preserving Studebakers in Richmond, Goochland & Louisa, Va.

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    no i dont care about running an overdrive or anything like that just wanna get the shifter off the tree and to the floor

    and studes are preety rare in this part of the country

    so is there a way

    like i said all we care about is a floor shift

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  • garyash
    Here's how I put overdrive in my '48 M5 truck. The 1950's 2R series trucks are about the same as far as conversion goes on a Champ 6 engine.

    If you want a later model transmission, like a T-5 5-speed with built-in overdrive ratio, contact Bill Cathcart at for an adaptor to mount a T-5.

    There is also this document on this site on mounting T-5 transmissions to Stude V8's, but the basics also apply to Champ 6 engines.

    [img=left][/img=left] Gary Ash
    Dartmouth, Mass.
    '48 M5
    '65 Wagonaire Commander
    '63 Wagonaire Standard
    web site at

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  • gotti210
    started a topic ned info for floor shift in truck

    ned info for floor shift in truck

    hey guys ive got a freind who has a 50 something studebaker truck with the flat six and three on the tree

    and we are wanting to convert it to a floor shift

    any suggestions

    also is there any coversions out there to put a late model automatic of some other car brand trans behind this particular flat 6