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Avanti outer door glass weatherseal

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  • Avanti outer door glass weatherseal

    I am finishing up preparations to paint my Avanti. As part of the restoration and to insure a quality paint job, I need to replace the outer door glass seal. The shop manual lists a complicated procedure that includes removing the vent window assembly and the door glass to remove the stainless retainer that holds the seal. Does anyone have an easier way to remove the retainer? If not, the second part of this (which prompted the first, of course) is that I am having trouble removing the vent window assembly. The bottom adjusting screw and lock nut are rusted and I can't get the two separated. I've been soaking the screw and nut with penetrating oil for weeks to no avail. I can't use the old heat standby because of the fiberglass. Any suggestions there? Thanks. Tom

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    A nut splitter will do the job. Mine is a Craftsman from Sears. I would definitely free it up so adjustments can be made. As I recall, I think you can remove the seal retainer with the vent window in place, but you definitely have to remove the side glass and in order to do that, the vent window has to be rotated away from the side glass a bit. This can only be accomplished by removing that frozen lower nut and springing the window run outward away from the door foundation so it can move rearward. The seal retainer will slide out from between the window run and outer door skin, after the clips are popped free. Hopefully your clips will be re-usable as the correct ones are hard to come by. There are substitutes but the wire dia. is larger and it makes it extremely difficult to slide the seal into position. Good luck!


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      IIRC, I took out the lower window stop, and let the window down all the way, had no problem getting to the screw that holds on the stainless moulding, the screw is towards the rear and there are only clips towards the front.

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        Thanks for the tips. I tried the nut splitter, but all it did was push metal on the top of the nut in towards the adjusting screw with the tightening part of the splitter. I was looking around for my carbide burrs to grind the nut down when I figured I had nothing to lose and decided to try hitting the nut with a little tap with an impact wrench. Not enough to spin the adjusting screw, but it did break it loose so I could then use a screwdriver to hold the screw and the nut came off. the vent window is now off and the door glass out and the stainless retainer that started the whole thing is off. Now that everything is out I realize that it all had to come apart anyway because I have to replace the glass channel and the window run. Thanks again. Tom