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Fuse Block

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  • Fuse Block

    I am looking to installing an FM converter in my 1964 Daytona Convertible, but can't seem to find the fuse block to run the hot lead to. Owners manual indicates under the dash on the drivers side, but can't seem to locate it. Any help, or is there a better and more convenient power source to tap into? Thanks John

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    The fuse Block they are referring to is merely the Stop Light/Dome Light fuse, the Turn signal fuse and the Turn Signal Flasher unit on a piece of micarta board (insulator) about 3 in. square.

    This is NOT where you connect a radio, it is the "Acc." Accessory Terminal of the Ignition Switch, where the inline fused wire for the original radio was/is. You need a fuse holder if not supplied.

    If you really want to, and it turns out to be more accessible, you CAN connect it to the incoming power wire from the Ign. switch to the turn signal flasher, but it is a single male bullet, so it may require a splice-in.

    It just needs to be Ign. switch controlled, so it can't short when the car is parked, or be left turned ON, killing the Battery.

    Be sure to disconnect the Battery, as the Ign. switch is very close to the Dash frame! [:0]

    Studebakers have no actual "fuse block", except Avanti.

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      This sounds like the plug Ralphie's dad plugged all the Christmas tree lights into on 'Christmas Story'. When I saw 'fuse box' I almost spit out my cola. darn am I glad I bought the 'hot rod' wiring harness with a real fuse box.

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