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Inner tie rod end (short)

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  • StudeRich
    When I enter the 1561769 I see the same thing you see Bill, the N is called an "end", and the Y is called a tie rod end!

    I have noticed before on SASCO's site that sometimes Dennis has parts from multiple sources listed together with Alpha codes, such as R= rebuilt, old stock, new replacement stock etc. you just need to ask him.

    Online ordering is just what it was designed for: fast, low cost but the downside is: impersonal, not so accurate, subject to way more merchandise unaware people's "data input website errors", at SOME websites, (not inferring SASCO's) causing way more returns at the customer's shipping expense!

    The 1561767 part number is the long rod with integral rod end, usually you order the short end 1561769, clamp 1553703 and long end all different part numbers, for two each, to make it all match in amount of wear.

    A way less expensive way to repair these, is to use two good used '51 to early '62 tubes, with four clamps and two new 530203 left Hand and two new 530204 right hand rod ends, you can even order the new '63-'64 long interval lube, barrel shape boot included in the '63-'64 type, to replace '51-'62 hat type rod end boot (grease seal). [^]

    StudeRich at Studebakers Northwest -Ferndale,WA

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  • Alan
    One is 11/16" X 18 Left handed the other is right handed threads.

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  • BobPalma
    Bill: I just checked their online catalog...

    OOPS![8] I was looking at Studebaker International's Catalog, Bill, not SASCO's.[B)] Sorry. BP

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  • Bill Pressler
    started a topic Inner tie rod end (short)

    Inner tie rod end (short)

    For my '64, I'm looking to buy right tie rod parts and I see that in SI's catalog, the part no. for the inner tie rod end (short) is 1561769. In SASCO's online catalog, that number gives a choice of a suffix "N" or "W"...same price. Does anybody know what the difference is?

    Bill Pressler
    Kent, OH
    '63 Lark Daytona Skytop R1
    '64 Daytona Hardtop