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  • Holey cowl!!

    I know that this situation is not unique to my car ; I talked to a gentleman at Lancaster who had a similar situation with his Daytona-After a rain or a run through the self-serve car wash (this can be a day or two after the fact), when I am going up a hill or even if I nail the gas pedal,I have a gush of water (a pint, sometimes more)that comes down from behind the dash board, all over the wires and on the e-brake pedal and dimmer switch!![:0]I can't see exactly where it's coming from, SO I am going to remove the drivers' side front fender.The outer fender is a replacement that is no longer spot welded to the inner fender, so I'm hoping it's removal will be easy.Tech tips/shortcuts/red flags?? Do I have to remove the hood?(I have a newer one ready to go).Thank you in advance for your help..

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    Have you checked your Heater/Air intake box below the top grille in front of the windshield?

    If that is full of leaves and mud and plugged up, and or the drain hose is, then it could fill up with water and get past the seals on the two air doors inside the car especially the left one, which will dump water right on the driver's feet if it is left open or not sealed well. [:0]

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      Hmmmm....funny you should mention leaves, because whenever I take a longer drive, especially if it involves highway driving,the interior looks like it hasen't been vacumed for a month (leaves, dead insects,etc.).I'll have to do some digging.


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        As Rich said, the drain hole for the cowl air is no doubt plugged. Remove the wiper arms and three or four screws that hold the inlet grill in place. Also may be time to replace the filter screen in front of the heater core.
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          Once you get that inlet grill removed, and reach over to the outboard sides of the cowl, you'll feel a raised sheetmetal divider, I presume its there to keep water and debris from reaching the vent.

          There will likely be leaves and stuff on the wrong side of the divider. I've found it easiest to use the flexible end of a shopvac hose without any nozzle attached to get that stuff removed.

          On the passenger side, that outboard area feeds air to the heater core. When you remove the core screen from the engine compartment side you may find debris there too. A flat loop of coathanger inserted in thru the opebning for the screen will allow you to work on the debris from the engine compt. side with less chance of damaging the heater core. Try moving the hanger around and side to side, while holding the flatened vac hose up against the slot.


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            Thanks fellas.I have 4 of the 5 screws out that are holding the inlet grille.Screw #5 will need a little extra persuasion.Looking down into it, it looks pretty clean but wouldn't you know, it's starting to rain.Once things clear up I'm going to get back to work on this. BTW I replaced the filter screen back a ways and I periodically shop-vac under the hood to clean up the deteriorating hood insulation and other stuff that finds it's way there.