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63 Avanti starter drive

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  • 63 Avanti starter drive

    I have an interesting situation regarding the starter drive on this Avanti. I have completely rebuilt the starter, including new aterter drive. When I start the engine the starter drive kicks in fine on the first start. On shutting off the engine and trying to restart it, the starter motor turns fine but the starter drive does not engage. I have pulled it out and apart, looked it all over, and the only thing I can think of is the burr on the spiral threads is hanging it up from engaging. Anybody out there have any other suggestions? Thanks B.V.

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    I'd be trying a new bendix.

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      It sounds like the starter drive is sticking for some reason. There could be a burr somewhere or maybe the srarter doesn't spin fast enough to engage the drive. Have you checked the teeth on the ring gear as worn teeth could cause the problem. The new drive that you installed may be defective as some of the replacement parts that I've bought in recent history are not nearly as good as the original parts. Bud


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        Thanks for the responses. I think I've got it taken care of. I pulled the starter twice yesterday, the first time spotting the burrs and trying to file them down a bit. That didn't work so the second time I removed the starter drive and used my die grinder with a small fine stone to smooth the burrs down as far along the spiral grooves as possible. Put it back together and it has worked fine since. This is a new starter drive from SASCO and the flywheel gear is also new. Never had a problem like this before so it threw me for a loop there. Thanks again B.V.