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  • sindow leaks

    Just finished paint, and headliner on my 64 Daytona. Had rear window and windshield out to put headliner in. Installed these 2 windows with new Stude Int. rubber, dry, no sealant. I have leaks!!!
    Is sealant recommended? Any suggestions appreciated. Do I have to remove windows and rubber to seal or repair the problem?

    Thanks , Greg

    greg hellmuth

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    sealant was recommended by the factory. not sure if you need to R&R or if there is an acceptable product you can use that does not require removal.


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    55 Commander Starlight


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      If it's like the earlier models, sealant between the rubber and glass and a bedding compound between the rubber and body.
      Since it's new rubber it shouldn't be a problem but I think it will require R&R.
      Do you have a copy of the Shop Manual? It should indicate what to use.
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        Greg, you're going to have to pull your W/S and B/G both to do a proper lob of sealing them up. You are also going to need to get the following by way of materials: 3M 3578 strip caulk and /or 3M 8509 Bedding and Glazing Compound. You'll also need C. R. Lawrence CRL1716 Windshield and Repair Sealer. Refer to http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...?TOPICID=27291



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          Thanks guys, I've got some more work to do I guess. Greg

          greg hellmuth