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  • thanks and another question

    the top loader is a real 4-speed 4th is 1:1.iremember that my 1957 commander had the rear trans support under the bell housing auto is this good enought support for the 4-speed? or should i in stall a crossmember under the trans? i had the 4-speed behind a 56 ford with 292(y-blocks being my other love). i haven't found a body yet but does the lark 2-door have the rear mount under the trans or the bellhousing ? and could i box the frame? the old 1957 had a x member under the car but was a 4 door.

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    No, Studebakers do not have or need a crossmember or rear mount under the Trans. 4 speed Hawks, Larks and Avantis do not use one, with up to 335 HP.

    You can add a new reply to your original post, it is OK that you made a new post, you are new here, but easier for others to understand the whole story if you don't.

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      There's a couple of us GA guys on here...

      Where's Pendergrass at?

      Matthew Burnette
      Hazlehurst, GA


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        About 8 miles up I-85 from me.

        Dan Miller
        Auburn, GA (N.E. of Atlanta)

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