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  • Cadillac hub-caps

    I have early 50's Cadillac sombrero hub-caps that I want to install on my 52 Champ. The Stude wheels aren't deep enough. Anyone try this before and what car wheel worked? I would like to keep the same bolt pattern if possible. Thanks. Joe

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    No sorry Joe, you must be the first person in the world to want to run Cadillac wheel covers! Studebakers have some of the best looking wheel covers ever designed, both '51-'52 and '54-'55, so how can you improve on perfection? [:0]

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      yeah, most of us are trying to figure out how to use our factory hubcaps on big ol' fatty wheels []

      Sorry, I don't have a serious answer to your question, but if you care enough to find out, I have a pair of the typical Ford wheels in my garage that I'd be happy to test fit a hubcap on, if you can get it to me...


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        I think you have a good start for a Cadillac restoration project. You already have four good hubcaps. Just get the right year Cadillac and slap them on! Poof! You're done!
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          I would try the 15 x 6 Ford wheel from the 70's till bout 1985 rwd. Take that cap to a boneyard for fitment. May fit on a Chrysler product wheel but I don't know about their width sizes so as to fit the 52 Stude without having fender or suspension clearance problems. Stude did make some nice hubcaps and they fit just about any make 15 inch wheel. However, many nice hubcaps from multi makes will not fit within the narrow shoulder of the Stude wheel. jimmijim
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