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Head gasket sealing

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  • Head gasket sealing

    I'm about ready to install the heads on a V8 Stude block.. Gonna use the thin head gaskets. Is Permatex Ultra Copper Gasket Sealer the thing to use on the thin head gaskets, or is there a better choice of sealant?

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    Permatex ultra copper gasket sealer is what I have used for years with good success.

    Frank van Doorn
    1962 GT Hawk 4 speed
    1963 Daytona Conv
    1941 Champion R-2 Rod
    Frank van Doorn
    Omaha, Ne.
    1962 GT Hawk 289 4 speed
    1941 Champion streetrod, R-2 Powered, GM 200-4R trans.
    1952 V-8 232 Commander State "Starliner" hardtop OD


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      I've used KW copper coat spray for years with good results on the shim head gaskets. Bud


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        When I was putting my brothers R2 together, we got the shim gasket s from Ted Harbit, and he convinced me that spraying them with aluminum paint right before assembly was the best way he has ever done it. I used to use the ultra copper but Ted was really sure the paint was the trick. I have'nt started the engine yet, but if Ted has done this for years and run his engines as he does, I'm confident in his advise. Just another idea for you to ponder.