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    can that overhead engine clear the firewall ??


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      quote:Originally posted by R2Andy

      Jeez Bob, you couldn't have "counselled" a little harder and got him to pop for the R1? You could have justified it by pointing out that OD wasn't available. Poor, poor car.

      They had zero money and that was the cheapest 'wagon in stock at Snider, Andy; end of story! Their Falcon was blowing oil because he maintained it so poorly, and he wanted to dispose of it promptly. (I even got a $25 bird-dog fee for bringing them in; pretty good money in fact, $174 in 2008, per the inflation calculator.) BP
      We've got to quit saying, "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge.

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        Rumor has it that there was even a Supercharged version... It must be true, it was in Turning Wheels not long ago...

        Matthew Burnette
        Hazlehurst, GA


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          Jackb had a good question. Can the overhead clear the firewall on a 52 Champion??


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            Troy, I measured approx. 7 3/4" from the deck surface to the top of the rocker arm cover.
            Bob, that was quite a nice fee. A few more of those and they should have made you Junior Salesman. And offered you your choice of Demos.
            Matthew, if you're referring to '63 R2 Wagons, there were 15 built, 2 of which were Super Package cars. I'm lucky enough to own the first one built.



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              No Andy.. I was referring to the Jet Thrust Six engines...

              Matthew Burnette
              Hazlehurst, GA


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                Matthew, Oh the OTHER JTS, the R 1&1/2(supercharged) 6 and its little brother the R 3/4 (unsupercharged) 6. LOL. Sorry the fractions just don't look right typed out.



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                  Jackb....I am not familiar with the cowl of the 52. If it slopes back toward the windshield as on a C or K body, then yes it should fit fine. If it slopes forward as on later model cars to 1960, then there will be an interferrance just above the valve cover. My first car was a 59 Lark & when the flathead 6 developed a crack between 2 of the valves, I transplanted a 61 OHV 6 from the local junkyard that was in a taxicab used locally. It fit fine with the exception that the valve cover was barely under that portion of the cowl & to remove it to adjust the valves one would have had to either cut open the cowl or pickup the engine & move it forward enough to remove the valve cover. Needless to say I never adjusted the valves on it & sold the car later when the automatic trans locked up in all forward gears, but thats another story!

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