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  • AC compressor oil

    Hi all....I just opened up my package of a beautiful AC set up for my 63' Cruiser. Bought off a fellow Forum member jimjim...real nice.
    I don't know squat about these systems outside of the fact that I installed a complete set up in a Champ truck 15 years ago that was out of vehicle for years , connected everything up, and it worked like a charm for 12 years...R12. Another system required rebuilding or replacing of almost everything...Anyway, I'm inclined to go full install as is and see what happens.....The compressor leaks oil out of the unit at the hose fittings. Is that expected or is that some internal leak ??

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    What is the unit supposed to use, R-12, or R-134a? They used different oils, and cannot be mixed.
    I have always lubed the fittings with a little refrigerant oil, so you need to know what you have. A modern unit circulates the oil with the refrigerant, while the old system has a sump in the compressor. You gotta do what is specific for that unit, and inject the right amount of oil into the system.


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      this is an original Stude set up with R12 and it's compatible oil. Is the oil supposed to leak out of a pressure (hose)fitting when tipped on it's side ??


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        Screw the valve stems under the caps at the hose fittings all the way in, that should stop the leaking until you can get everything hooked up.
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          to answer your original question,yes,as Frank 41 says Close the service valves to stop the leak.