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T cab heater control valve

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  • T cab heater control valve

    I get one thing done on this truck and another issue pops up!
    Anyway, the heater control valve is leaking. Is there a modern valve that will work in it's place using the cable pull?

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    64 Champ long bed V8
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    Yes; the "replacement" valve sold by Studebaker Vendors is a almost guaranteed NOT to leak, smooth, easy pulling cable controlled BALL VALVE!
    You need the 3/4" hose size unit for '59 to '61 Larks and '60-'64 Champs to replace the old plunger and packing, hard pulling type.

    These pull to close, so your control will be backwards, easy when you get used to it. [^]

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      Thanks for the backwards comment Rich. I have been trying to figure out how to reverse it and get it to work in the original direction. I guess I'll just use it backwards, never thought of that!

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