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Lark Interior interchangeability

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  • Lark Interior interchangeability

    A friend of mine with a sharp 62 Lark 2 door sedan is going to upgrade his interior, (front and rear bench seat covers and front door and rear pannel) due to it being the wrong color. I'm pretty sure it would fit perfectly in a 63. What about the earlier and later models. What are the differences. What modifications if any, would be needed for it to fit in a 64-66 or a 59-61. THANKS

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    The Seats or seat skins that you are thinking about swapping probably will not be much problem if you go from solid bottom front cushion and split back from a '62 2 Dr. Sedan to same, in the other car, most newer cars usually were ordered with split bottom cushions however.

    It's the door and 1/4 trim panel that will be a problem.
    If you check pictures of '62 and '63 Larks you will see that the door and window design underwent a MAJOR change in '63, gone are the 1953 door window frames, the new narrow frames required door panels that "wrap" the top of the door, and the rear 1/4 window shape was different about every year, except '64-'66 which usually affects it's trim panel.
    The front door panels should fit only on a 2 Dr. Sedans back to '59 with the main difference being, each year having a different design with different colors.
    As far as a '62 fitting anything newer as said above, there is NO chance.

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      For sure, door panels from 62-earlier Larks will not fit 63-later Larks.

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