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  • Choose Studebaker wheels

    So far, only the Avanti and a Studebaker coupe are on this web site, but you can try wheels, and even choose the car color. Maybe someone could help with some other artwork.

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    No Halibrands, or old Americans, so it aint much good to me.

    Actually I can't get it to come up! But I've seen it before.



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      Got the same problem Mike.


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        Gives you alot of different options.[8D] Color chart and tint make it kind of neat. Would be better. if they had some of the other Stude. body styles.

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          I couldn't get it to load, but wasn't someone looking for profile pics of a Loewy (yeah, I know) coupe to add to I assume this same program? I think the Tire Rack uses it on their web site FWIW


          55 Commander Starlight

          55 Commander Starlight