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Rear speaker wiring ???

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  • Rear speaker wiring ???

    I purchased a new rear speaker from SI, it is the one with the two small speakers in one. Now for the $ 54.00 question, How do I wire this to my AM radio ,with rear fader, on my 62 Hawk? Another question, what color is the rear speaker grill supposed to be? Thanks for your help in advance. Lou Cote

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    Lou; since you purchased the wrong speaker it will be complicated. That one is wired for two channel Stereo to be used with the new Stereo Auto-Sound Radio that S.I. sells.

    I am sure that Radio and electronic gurus will tell you that you need some kind of diode to connect the speakers together in parallel or whatever, if you are using an old '62 stock monoral radio. And when you do, you will end up with the wrong "load" on the output transformer.

    One ordinary 4X10 10 Ohm speaker like Matt mentioned he just bought on ebay on a recent post, it would hook right up, and two 4-8 Ohm ones will not be correct for that radio anyway.

    Maybe you could return it. I have the correct 800619 single speaker.

    the wiring can't be easier, just run the radio speaker output (+) wire to the fader input, and front and rear wires from the fader outputs to each speaker, the ground can go along, from radio to each speaker.

    The speaker grills were either Flat Black or Gray, you want them to "go away", not stand out, in bright contrasting colors or reflect on the glass!

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