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  • six and T80-1

    I just picked up a motor and trans. The motor block cast number is 533870-3 w/ date code J 12 13. The head cast number is 536180 w/date code of J 12 13. The trans is a top shift T80-1. What do I have?

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    If it is not a T-90, it must be a Jeep!
    If you just get the serial Number stamped INTO the top front of the left side of the block, it could be I.D.'d. You have been here long enough to know that casting numbers mean little. [:0]

    UPDATE: From the 6 cly. Engine Number list link from the main page, it looks like it is a 1954 Champion 170 c.i.

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      Shame on me! A wire brush turned my T80-1 into a T90-1. It has a top shifter and its stubby with a bolt on yoke. I got the stamped engine number 1134206.


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        I cranked it over and it would only pop my thumb in three cylinders, so I took the head off. A small amount of surface rust in one cylinder so I 400ed it off. Three valves were sticking so I freed them up and cranked it over watching for sticking. Im going to air check the valves before I reinstall the head. The stroke measures 4 3/8. It has only a very small ridge and has been bored .030. I guess it's a 189. I'm thinking about removing the manifolds and getting to the valves because some seem a little wobbly. What's that trans out of? I cant find it listed.