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  • FOM TC & Starter Ring Gear

    Does anyone have a dimension for establishing where a new ring gear should be located on a FOM torque converter? The shop manual does not specify a distance from the face of the ring gear to the flex plate attach tabs on the TC. This unit is on a 63 GT Hawk with 289.
    My old ring gear appears to have been located to far aft on the TC as the gear teeth have no wear on the aftmost end of the teeth and the bendix doesn't show any wear either on the car forward end.

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    Are you sure that the Bendix is going out all the way?

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      It would seem that flat on the converter is as far aft as you can get, with no way to move forward.

      I think I would look closer at the Starter and Bendix for the reason. Correct Bendix and ext. housing on the Starter? Delco, Autolite/Prestolite, Auto. and Std. Trans., 6 Cly/8 Cly. are all different. Assembled correctly?

      The only way I know of to change a Torque Converter ring gear is with a rebuild of the Converter, that is why it is not mentioned, it is not Dealer serviceable.

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        According to the part numbers everything is correct. It does look like the ring gear has been replaced at one time as you can look at the weld bead and it appears that it may be too far aft. I talked with another studebaker guy who told me that he had to machine off part of the bolt up flange on these starters in order to get them to engage all the way. I had the starter rebuilt with a new bendix and the shop said that the only thing wrong was the wear on the bendix teeth, otherwise it came all the way out.


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          Thanks Mr Biggs & StudeRich for the input. I replaced the bendix. I ratcheted out the bendix and measured the depth of travel (1.855")and measured the ring gear(aft)location to starter casting face on bellhousing with cover plate on (1.785"). Therefore the starter gear fully engages the ring gear by 0.070". I assume the bendix does not extend to the end of the bendix housing as the shop manual does not show a thrust washer on the end - is this correct? I have approximately 0.265" clearance from gear to housing end when extended. Using a depth micrometer I measured to ring gear setback from the flexplate attach surfaces and found it to be 0.490" which centers the starter gear on the ring gear. Now I need to find a rebuilt TC as the output shaft is grooved in two places. Thanks again for your response - much appreciated.


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            Had this on my 52 when I first got it going. Turned out, the trans shop used the wrong ring gear! Count the teeth, be sure there are (IIRC) 162 teeth.
            It's a real PITA if it's in the car, but can be done.

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