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50 Champ front fender repair?

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  • 50 Champ front fender repair?

    I am rebuilding a 50 Champion that has the usual rust on both side of the seam on the front fenders. Also the lwer front quarter of both back fenders. I can weld but have little body work experience. These seem difficult because they curve both ways. Has anyone come up with a good plan for repairing these areas?

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    Cut out the rusted sections (make sure you go into the good metal so you have agood rust free piece of metal to weld to).and bend some 16 or 18 GA flat metal close to the shape and weld them in with the new metal on the inside and the old section over lapping. Then let your body man do the body work. Something else really important is when you weld try to make sure it is an even weld all the way around. What I mean by this is try to fill the gap btween the two metals with a constant weld. You really don't want any holes in the weld as that is where mositure will form from the inside. Then undercoat the inside. Then if you get ready, mix up some bondo and apply it. sand and reapply. Good luck.

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      We'll discuss all day the ways to weld and how to patch, but go to an expert and study his website on body repair.

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        Do you have the fenders off yet? Once you get them off, post some pictures of the fenders, and corresponding mounting area so we can see the extent of required repair. There are some good folks on this forum who can give you some very helpful suggestions after seeing what really needs to be done.

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          If you don't weld them all the way around, then by ALL means use a 2 part seam sealer on the backside to keep the moisture out! Also, be sure to use a zinc weld thru primer available in spray bombs from an auto paint store. Best to "lead up" the outside of the patch, but, good luck finding an "old timer" to do that!<G> and yes, I can lead but it's been a while!

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            Like someone said. Get with a professional for tips. There are a lot of folks proficient in body work here and everywhere. I possibly fall into that category but as far as offering my 2 cents worth, I'll save it. Everybody has certain ways of doing things according to their budget, level of expertise or lack there of. There are just too many variables to such a broad question. I hope you find what you are looking for. Opinions on body repair techniques are like arseholes. Everybody has one whether proficient or not. Read some books, research the net, or if you are lucky enough, maybe someone can pay you a visit and teach you a bit. Take a vocational class or try hanging out at a body shop if possible. Your questions may very well incite the bunch here to become discourteous to one another because of disagreement on techniques. Some will say black and others will argue white. You are also very likely to get good information and bad misinformation. This can be confusing. jimmijim
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